Emech Joysticks Utilise Hall-Effect Technology

Foremost Electronics has announced the availability of the 3000 Series of contactless joysticks and accessories from Emech. The 3000 Series joystick has a depth of less than 19mm and is available in one-, two- or three-axis formats. It uses Hall-effect technology to offer a long, trouble-free life. A range of analogue output signals are available and custom PWM outputs may be specified. The 3000 Series has an improved mechanism construction for robustness, strength and long-term performance and requires a reduced number of components.

A metal-ball mechanism is at the heart of the joystick, which has been tested to withstand greater forces than plastic or gimbal-style mechanisms. All 3000 Series joysticks are sprung to return to the centre position with an operating force of 1.3N, with lighter 1.0N and stronger 1.6N forces as options. Other features include 3.3V or 5V DC operation, centre detect output, dual (redundant) outputs with either the same or inverted polarity and a large range of operating handles.

Factory pre-wired with cables and connectors, the 3000 Series may be customised with application-specific cables, connectors, shaft lengths, mounting bezels, operating forces, limiters and output signals. The joystick may also be specified with 'guided feel', allowing it to move more easily toward the four poles and requiring increased force to return to centre. The 3000 Series joysticks have an operating temperature of -25C to +70C and are sealed to IP65 above the mounting panel. Five output configurations are offered as standard.

For general-purpose use, a 5V DC version is offered with one proportional output per axis, a centre-top reference and a separate centre detect output. For low-voltage applications, a 3.3V DC version can be supplied with +/-50 per cent gain yielding a voltage span from 0V (south) to 3.3V (north), with no centre top or centre contacts. For safety-critical applications that require a second set of dual redundant-output signals, the 3000 Series may be configured as two 'electrical' joysticks in one mechanical package providing two outputs per axis. The second set of outputs is accurate to the first within +/-5 per cent of the 5V DC power supply.

The power supply and centre tap for the secondary outputs are also completely independent for added safety. An alternative version of the safety-critical, dual-output joystick has the second set of output signals provided as an inverse output so they may be summed and compared to the centre tap to verify that the joystick is operating correctly. The final version of the 3000 Series joystick may be specified with a number of PWM (pulse width modulation) output options for digital control systems. Typical applications include electric vehicles, cranes, industrial handling, robotics, manufacturing and laboratory systems.


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