Eddy-Current Sensor Is Labview Compatible

The Lion ECD140 advanced Eddy-Current sensor, available from IBS Precision Engineering, provides high-resolution, non-contact measurement of the positional changes of a conductive target. The system consists of driver, electronics and a probe calibrated for a specific material and measurement range. The calibration information is detailed on a calibration certificate that is supplied with the system and can be downloaded and printed from the device with a VI.

Using the included VIs, the ECD140 provides data indicating changes in the relative positions of the target and probe surface, with all data presented in micrometres. Lion's ECD140 plugs directly into National Instruments' CompactRIO system for instant use with Labview software. This CompactRIO programmable automation controller (PAC) is a low-cost reconfigurable control and acquisition system. The unit combines open embedded architecture with hot-swappable industrial I/O modules.

It is powered by reconfigurable I/O (RIO) FPGA technology and Lion Precision's ECD140 module is claimed to be the only non-contact displacement sensor available for this platform. The ECD140 is intended for Labview users experienced in FPGA and real-time processor programming in the cRIO platform. The devices and the included software provide a tool kit for developers creating a complete system that requires precision non-contact displacement sensors.

The system is not intended to be out-of-the-box operational, but requires implementation and programming by experienced Labview FPGA users. As the European distributor and development partner for Lion Precision (and National Instrument alliance member), IBS Precision Engineering is able to offer an extensive range of capacitive and inductive measurement systems, including the ECD140, and how best to use them.


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