DPR Helps Builders Locate Locks In Non-Metal Doors

EMKA has introduced the Device for Preventing Rotation (DPR) to help panel builders locate locks securely in non-metal doors. This is a regular problem for users or specifiers of non-standard cabinets, particularly with insulated or GRP doors and panels. The device enables the simple punching or cutting of a round hole with the ability to then fit the anti-rotational adapter, which provides secure location for a standard EMKA lock with its rounded corner square body.

The DPR has a simple two-pin location and can be used either as a first-fit or post-fit operation, especially on difficult materials or for moulding into GRP doors. It is suitable for all locks requiring a standard EMKA-type rounded 20mm square hole and so for all the company's quarter-turn lock housings and related handles such as traditional T, L and wing handles. It is especially suitable for EMKA's extended housing range to accommodate extra-thick doors where an adapter may be used front and rear for extra positive location if required.


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