Digital Signal Conditioner Has USB Connectivity

The DSCUSB strain-gauge digital signal conditioner with USB connectivity is now available from Celsum Technologies. Data can be read in engineering units from most strain-gauge bridge sensors such as loadcells, accelerometers and pressure transducers by plugging the device into a PC. The DSCUSB is configured and data is acquired by the supplied instrument explorer software, or via the user's own code module written in applications such as Visual Basic, C++ and Labview.

Therefore, data manipulation is possible without the need for amplifiers, filters and multimeters. No additional power supply is required. Multiple DSCUSBs may be connected to a USB port by using a suitable hub. A choice of ASCII, Modbus RTU and Mantrabus protocols is available. A selection of encased or PCB versions can be supplied. The DSCUSB requires a full-bridge strain gauge - four individual strain gauges arranged in a square Wheatstone bridge formation.

A stable excitation voltage (5V DC is supplied by the DSCUSB from the USB port) is applied across two opposite corners of the bridge, and the output signal taken from the remaining two corners. The instrument may be used with single and dual strain gauges if the remainder of the bridge is provided using 'dummy' precision resistors. A PCB version of the DSCUSB with solder-pad connections is available, as well as the DSJ2 for mounting.


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