Delcam CAM Software Used By Korean Mouldmaker

Moving to shop-floor machining with Delcam's Powermill CAM software has allowed Korean mouldmaker Young Shin to increase its machining efficiency and product quality. Young Shin contacted Hankook Delcam, Delcam's joint venture company in Korea, as part of its search for a better programming system. The staff there recommended a move to shop-floor machining, as well as a change to Powermill. Following a series of machining trials, Hankook Delcam was able to prove that Powermill would be the best solution to the challenges at Young Shin.

This resulted in an initial order for eight seats of Powermill in April 2007. After the successful implementation of this software, further orders took the total to 18 seats of Powermill, including two for continuous five-axis machining, plus two seats of Delcam's feature-based CAM system, FeatureCAM, to generate programs for gun-drilling, and one of the Powerinspect inspection software for on-machine verification as part of the company's quality-control procedures.

The use of Powermill and the switch to shop-floor machining have led to an increase in productivity. Delays have been eliminated as the operators generate their own programs, shortening the overall production time. As a result, machining efficiency at Young Shin has increased, the quality of the moulds, and of the products manufactured with them, has improved and production times have been reduced.


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