CUI launches AMT303 high-resolution encoders

CUI has added the AMT303 series to its line of high-resolution, low-cost AMT encoders. The encoder generates standard U/V/W commutation signals for vectoring current to brushless motors. Resolutions can be set through the AMT303's Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). Commutation output can accommodate brushless motors with two-, four-, six-, eight- or 10-pole pairs, and is also selectable via the SPI.

The AMT303 offers supplementary incremental A, B and Z channels for various servo positioning and start-up sequences. Additional options include nine mounting patterns and 10 bore sizes, creating a flexible platform that is able to mate with many industry standard motors. The AMT303 generates position information using CUI's patented capacitive code generation system coupled with a proprietary ASIC.

The company said this technology is immune to environmental particulates and magnetic interference, creating a reliable, economical and stable control and positioning solution. The encoder consumes a maximum 10mA at 5VDC, making it ideal for any application where power consumption is a concern. The AMT303's SPI affords higher throughput and simpler hardware interfacing than IC or SMBus.

Utilising TCL code, the on-board PIC 16F690 MCU operates at up to 10MHz providing for high-speed applications. Zero position may be set by SPI command or ground trigger, removing the need for time-consuming mechanical alignment in the mounting process. Additionally, an on-board EEPROM can store up to 128bytes of customer data. A demo board is available for standalone demonstration, PC access to SPI interface and example TCL code.


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