CP Antenna Platform Has Modular Design

Saelig has announced the CP range of antennas based on a common rubberised low-profile 'puck' design with a built-in central threaded mount. All CP antennas offer 2-3dBi gain for linearly polarised signals and are ground-plane independent. Measuring 102 x 33.5mm, CP antennas are 1/2 wave radiating elements with a power rating of 10W and are supplied with 1-3m of cable terminated with an SMA male connector. CP antennas are screw mounted, requiring a 20mm hole.

The cable exits on the underside of the antenna and, once mounted, is totally enclosed, secure, and waterproof, held in place by a flanged nut that is tightened from underneath. CPT is a cellular antenna that supports cellular and 3G frequencies (824-896/1,710-2,170Mhz) - this makes it ideal for North American M2M and telemetry applications.

CPO is a 3G and GSM puck antenna with a frequency range 870-960/1,710-2,170MHz - making it ideal for metering, telemetry and telematics applications where a high-quality discrete antenna is needed. CPW is a dual-band 2.4-2.5 and 4.9-6.0GHz antenna enabling connectivity to 2.4GHz devices as well as the whole 5GHz frequency band. Saelig said CPW is ideal for wireless LAN, Bluetooth and Zigbee applications where a discrete antenna is required without compromising performance.

Ideal for outdoor deployments, CP antennas offer high performance in a rugged enclosure and can even be specified with a cable/connector configuration of the user's choice. As the CP antenna platform is modular, the design can be modified to support any frequency from 800MHz upwards, including support for single band, specific applications. An optional stainless steel wall-mount bracket is also available to facilitate wall mounting.


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