Course Covers Material Properties And Processing

Cranfield University's Advanced Materials MSc is designed to provide graduate scientists and engineers with a fundamental understanding of the properties and processing of materials. The university's Masters in Advanced Materials is accredited by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3). The programme comprises eight one-week assessed modules, a group project and an individual project.

The modules are as follows: Composites Performance; Engineering Polymers and Polymers for Composites; Failure of Materials and Structures; Finite Element Analysis and Materials Modelling; General Management; Materials Selection; Properties and Processing of Metals; and Surface Science and Engineering. Students are based within the Materials Department, which features a range of research facilities, including more than 100m2 of clean rooms and composite, impact and motorsport laboratories.

According to Cranfield, the course can lead on to a range of careers involving materials, with responsibilities for research, development, design, engineering, consultancy and management in sectors such as aerospace, automotive and motorsport, medical, food processing, chemical processing and power generation.


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