Corus Tubes' Conveyance Range For Fire Defence

Corus Tubes has developed the Infire range of fire defence tubes for use in sprinkler systems and for conveyance of water for fire suppression. With new European fire test standards becoming mandatory in 2011, there is an increasing need for the building services industry to focus on fire safety, specifically in the education, industrial, retail and commercial sectors. Fewer than 500 out of 32,000 schools in the UK are adequately protected against fire.

43 per cent of schools that have been built under the Building Schools for the Future programme lack sprinklers. The use of sprinklers will put out fires and protect buildings and the people within them - ensuring the highest levels of safety. With this in mind, Corus Tubes has been working to strengthen and promote its range of fire defence conveyance tubes. Infire pre-grooved tubes are suitable for use with all leading grooved couplings.

Grooved joints are a reliable and convenient joining method that can save the installer both time and money. They offer improved pressure ratings over screwed and socketed joints as well as providing a cleaner installation. Grooved joints are also suitable for use in modular construction and prefabrication techniques. Infire is manufactured in accordance with BS EN 10255, a standard addressing the requirements set out in the European Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC (CPD).

Available in medium weight, with a range of sizes from 25mm to 150mm, Infire steel tube offers a robust product that has a class A1 fire rating and provides thermal stability during typical operating conditions. The product is supported with a range of Corus Tubes technical data sheets.


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