Corus Steel Combines Grades DP800 And DP600

Corus Steel has launched its latest steel grade, Dual Phase (DP) 800Hyperform - a high-strength steel designed specifically for the automotive industry. DP800Hyperform combines the strength levels of a DP800 grade with the formability properties of a DP600 grade. It has been developed for use in producing lightweight automotive parts such as structural members and reinforcements that must be highly crash resistant.

The steel's minimum ultimate tensile strength is 780MPa, similar to that of Corus's existing DP800 grade. However, DP800Hyperform offers extra ductility, resulting in good formability and good weldability. This makes it suitable for complex-shaped stamped parts. It is available as hot-dipped galvanised material and fulfils all typical automotive processing requirements. DP800Hyperform's metallurgical properties are said to address customer processing requirements and in-car performance as well as the need for reducing the total cost of ownership.

The improved formability of this high-strength steel results in higher processing yield and enables part consolidation, allowing for smarter and lighter design of crash and structural members. DP800Hyperform can be used to replace complex-shaped DP600 parts, offering increased performance or weight saving through down gauging.


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