Contactor Suits Virtually Any Harsh Environment

Gigavac has launched the GX16, a low-cost 600A single-pole, single-throw (SPST) normally-open sealed contactor. The GX16 is 3in (76mm) tall and weighs 1.9lb (0.9kg) and expands the company's line of Epic sealed contactors - rated from 20A to 600A continuous duty - that can switch both DC and AC voltages up to 750V and is RoHS compliant. The contactor is 3in tall, 3.2in deep and 5.4in wide with easy-connect chassis-level power connections that eliminate the need to bend the large connecting power cables or develop special bus bars.

Markus Becke, vice-president of power products at Gigavac, said additional higher-current contactors will be released in 2010, including latching relays, integrated voltage and current sense ability, and time delay functionality. The GX16 was developed for large all-electric or hybrid-powered vehicles, buses, emergency vehicles, mining equipment, rail, and large solar and power back-up systems.

It is lightweight, requires low coil-hold power, can be mounted in any position, and can be used in nearly any harsh environment, including under water and at temperatures from -55C to +85C (up to 125C with special coils). The dual-coil design means one coil is automatically removed from the coil circuit once energised and only 8W of coil power is required for continuous operating. An optional SPST normally-open auxiliary contact driven off the main armature gives true indication of the main contact position.


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