Compact Loggers Provide High-Capacity Data Storage

Spacelogger serial data loggers from Richard Paul Russell are standalone units offering high-capacity data storage in a compact, economical package. There are currently two standard units on the market - Textlogger and Windlogger - but the company also produces customised models for a number of OEM clients. With low power consumption and no requirement for PC hook-up, the loggers are suitable for remote logging applications.

ASCII data is stored on a removable mobile memory card (MMC) to facilitate data transfer. Spaceloggers add dedicated data-logging functions to equipment and sensors outputting RS232. The loggers are said to be simple to use and set up; no special PC software is required. Other features include: up to 2Gb of storage; low power consumption; a selectable baud rate; and an optional RS232 output of incoming data stream during recording. The Textlogger is a universal serial data recorder supporting a range of ASCII text logging applications from RS232-compatible data sources.

All received data is stored, unmodified, in a .txt file. The Textlogger is suitable for any application where an RS232 printer has typically been used but where a more convenient method of data logging is required. It enables data to be accessed electronically and to be easily analysed, according to the company. The Textlogger records data from any equipment or device with an RS232 output, such as load cells, scales and other batch weighing equipment; metering equipment, counters and sensors; new equipment testing and validation by research-and-development, laboratory and test departments; Autoclaves, washer disinfectors and analysers; and other equipment requiring the record keeping of operating cycles.

The Windlogger samples data from anemometers and other sensors with a single serial output. Configurable for a range of sensors, the baud rate and the identifying start and end characters that define each ASCII sentence to be logged may be selected. By using an appropriate signal converter, a sensor with RS422/RS485 output is also compatible. The Windlogger provides the date and time stamping of data. Data is stored in .csv format files, compatible with all spreadsheet programs, so no special software is required.

The Windlogger offers a solution for wind site surveys; a NMEA sensor including GPS data logging; remote-sensor data sampling and time stamping; and the data acquisition of site environmental conditions for health-and-safety and downtime records.


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