Braby Supplies Digestion Vessels For Waste Plant

Braby has supplied 13 vessels as part of a dynamic organic waste composting plant launched by British waste-processing company Vertal. The vessels are being used for the digestion stage of the composting process at the new Vertal composting plant in Mitcham, South London. The Braby vessels are said to be crucial to the Vertal process, which uses advanced auto-thermal thermophilic aerobic digestion (ATAD) technology to transform food waste into nutrient-rich solid fertiliser for use in agricultural food production.

It is, in effect, a super-charged industrial compost heap. Braby worked with Vertal to realise the environmental benefits of the new process. In particular, Vertal's carbon-positive commitment to make new use of existing buildings presented a number of challenges. As a result of the low roof height at the plant, Braby designed the vessels to assist in the complex installation phase.

A short leg height, special jacking points on the legs and shallow bases were incorporated into the design specifically for this process. Once installed, the Braby vessels were then clad and fitted with thermal insulation to ensure maximum energy efficiency. 'Our first plant will transform around 100,000 tonnes of organic waste into fertiliser each year,' said Leon Mekitarian, Vertal's founder and managing director.


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