Boulder Updates Digital Video Recording Software

Boulder Imaging has released version 4.0 of its Quazar high-performance digital video recording (HPDVR) platform. Based upon evolving customer requirements and market research, version 4.0 introduces six capabilities to provide a more optimised user experience than its predecessor. AVI 2.0 One Click allows recording directly to the .avi file (audio video interleave) format supporting extremely large file size limits.

Quazar 4.0 also gives the user the ability to enable M-Jpeg compression for each camera used. This combination of capabilities provides uninterrupted, long duration recording and easier transport when sharing video. Quazar 4.0's support of direct to AVI 2.0 recording allows users to instantly import the video into applications such as Final Cut Pro in one step. Quazar 4.0 is said to turn hours of post-processing into just a few minutes.

'We were intent upon delivering automation capabilities in the 4.0 release, including the ability to customise and capture critical recording metadata in real time,' said Kevin Hunt, manager of engineering services. The ability to define custom metadata schemas allows the user to capture virtually any text, multi-line text, number, floating point number, date, time or valid item list information at all levels of the recording. Data can be flagged to reduce data entry mistakes. In addition, the Directory Creator builds custom directories during production. Audio recordings are precisely synchronised with video frame rates at record time, playback and when exported.

In Quazar 4.0 audio and video will continue to be synchronised even when .avi frame rates are adjusted at export. Quazar 4.0 is now beta qualified against the National Security Agency's (NSA) Specialized Security - Limited Functionality (SSLF) security recommendations. 'We felt it essential to balance the needs of military and government customers while at the same time ensuring maximum interoperability and compatibility,' said Michael Willis, Boulder Imaging president.


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