B-Cool Cutting Fluids Used In Aerospace Sector

The latest generation of Blaser Swisslube's B-Cool range of water-miscible cutting fluids is being applied in the aerospace and power-generation sectors. There it is said to be delivering outstanding performance when machining titanium alloys, Inconel and stainless-steel alloys. Available in the UK through Jemtech, B-Cool 9665 is a chlorine-free semi-synthetic cutting fluid that is suitable for light- and heavy-duty machining, as well as grinding of components such as blades and blisks.

With very low foaming characteristics in soft water and under high pressure, B-Cool 9665 is suited to high cutting speeds and high-pressure coolant systems. This also makes it suitable for use in standalone machines or in multi-machine cells, as operator intervention is kept to a minimum. This situation is also enhanced by the emulsion's extreme stability, which ensures extended sump life. Other features of B-Cool 9665 that are relevant to the aerospace sector are its rinsing behaviour and corrosion protection for the workpiece, toolholder and machine tool.

When combined, these features ensure that the consumption of cutting fluid is kept to a minimum, typically reducing consumable costs. The increase in cutting data that is possible when using B-Cool 9665 on titanium alloys, combined with the extended sump life and reduction in the amount of maintenance and fluid that needs to be purchased, are said to be contributing to major cost savings.


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