Avalue Offers Panel PC For Harsh Environments

Avalue has launched the LPC-1203 touch panel PC for marine and extreme environment applications. The LPC-1203 achieves full IP65 compliance, meaning it can withstand overall splashing conditions. With low power consumption technology, the LPC-1203 is powered by the Intel Atom N270 processor, which reduces power usage and saves operation costs. The fanless LPC-1203 has an embedded heat dissipation trench design, enabling system-generated heat to dissipate quickly.

Other than quickening heat dissipation, the aluminium chassis also protects the computer when it is used in humid environments such as factories or testing laboratories, ensuring the computer operates reliably and stably. The entire computer is waterproof, including the front panel, rear data-transmission connectors, and power sources, and so on. The IP65 safety certified LPC-1203 is suitable for use in highly rigorous environments such as the naval force.

In particular, the setting of the front-side power button is covered by waterproof membrane for easy use. In addition, using the modular system-on-module design concept, the LPC-1203 supports diversified performance levels such as COMe/ETX CPU modules and lower scalable baseboard. This allows the user to group the boards according to individual needs. The modular design is said to make the computer price-competitive for users to choose system requirements freely and upgrade any time to extend product life. Based on an in-depth, flexible concept and diversified I/O deploys design, LPC-1203 fulfils serial port connectivity of industrial control for multi-equipments.

This is said to meet market demands and broaden product applications. The LPC-1203 leverages low-refractive touch-panel technology, which reduces refraction in between the panels. The screen is brighter when used outdoors, facilitating easy reading. The anti-abrasion design allows the touch-screen panel to reach hardness of 6.2-6.5, preventing scratches and increasing durability. When used in industrial control and automated mechanical environments the panel is protected, ensuring user safety.

The LPC-1203 comes with a 12in touch panel LED backlight screen, which supports resolution up to 1,024 x 768 and provides flexible input and tap function to ensure an unrestrictive and interactive user experience. Its LED backlight reduces heat generation, therefore reducing power consumption and cost and prolonging the panel's usage lifetime. The four-corner frame with arc design increases aesthetic value to fit industrial and commercial use. The LPC-1203 has passed CE/FCC Class B certifications and provides low electro-magnetic interference.


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