Allegro Introduces Photoflash Charger ICs

Allegro Microsystems has announced two ultra-small Xenon photoflash charger ICs designed to offer a low-cost solution for very low power, small form factor cameras and camera phones. The A8732 and A8735 charger ICs offer an extended battery life by using primary-side voltage sensing to remove the need for a secondary-side voltage divider and associated leakage current.

The devices also feature very low supply current in both shutdown and standby mode. The A8732 and A8735 are optimised for use in mobile devices using single-cell lithium batteries and are said to achieve more than 75 per cent efficiency using zero-voltage switching for lower losses. Capacitor charging is provided by an IGBT driver, while an integrated 50V DMOS switch offers self-clamping protection. The switch current limit in the A8732 can be programmed from 0.45 to 1.5A in 16 steps via a single wire interface, while the current limit for the A8735 is fixed at 1A.

The integrated IGBT driver incorporates internal gate resistors for minimum external component count. The charge and trigger voltage logic thresholds are set at 1VHI (minimum) to support mobile-phone applications implementing low-voltage control logic. The devices are available in an eight-contact 2mm x 2mm DFN package with a 0.60mm maximum overall package height.


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