Acrosser Offers Entry-Level Networking Platform

Acrosser Technology has introduced the latest entry-level networking platform to its Micro Box Networking appliances range. The AR-N8601 platform adopts VIA CN700, VT8237R+ chipsets and Eden ULV 500MHz CPU, and is enclosed in a 210 x 150 x 33mm box. The unit supports up to 1GB DDR2 system memory at 400MHz by leveraging the 3 PCI onboard 10/100 Fast Ethernet, which is suitable for general small-office UTM function.

With a low-speed system fan, the system has stable performance with minimal noise. AR-N8601 offers a hardware platform in applications such as the UTM (Unified Threat Management), WAS (Web Access Management), VPN and Anti-Spam mail solutions. System integrators can easily develop their internet security solutions with this x86 platform. There will also be a fanless version to suit extreme environments, which can only support Compact Flash as a storage device.


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