Absolute Measuring System Uses Laser Optics

Leuze Electronic's AMS200 absolute measuring system uses laser optics to measure distances of up to 200m within a tolerance of 3mm. The system is typically used on high-bay warehouse applications, transfer stations, gantry crane positioning systems or galvanic and other dipping lines. The AMS200 uses a laser and time-of-flight technology to provide a distance measurement straight out of the box. The unit also offers built-in speed monitoring calculation and output.

On a high-bay warehouse system, this extra functionality is claimed to save up to 30 per cent on build costs. As logistics warehouses increase in size, large distances are very common on gantry cranes and high-bay stacker crane systems. As a result, the unit has a range of up to 200m, with an accuracy of 3mm, or even further with slightly lower accuracy. The signal processing and measurement technology calculate the position every 2ms; this means that the 500 measured values per second give dynamic positioning data even at high speed, typically accurate to within 1mm.

Interfacing with the AMS200 is facilitated by M12 connectors on the top face, offering Profibus and SSI as standard or the options of Interbus connectivity. Programming the AMS200 is simplified with GSD files readily available. The system features an integrated control panel and a high-visibility display. Even when powered up straight out of the box and pointed at a compatible reflector, it will show the distance reading on the inbuilt display without any setup. The AMS200 also offers a diagnostic system that transmits a pre-failure message at the earliest sign of problems, thereby helping to prevent, or at least reduce, downtime.

The option of integrated heating enables the unit to withstand temperatures as low as -30C, making it suitable for cold store warehouses. If the installation requires it, a mirror unit provides 90deg of deflection for the laser, for example to avoid contamination falling onto the unit itself or just to ease the installation. The AMS200 enables the adjustment of the laser to the reflector by adjusting the unit itself - not its mounting bracket. These adjustment screws are front facing and are easily accessed, according to the company.


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