ABB Catalogue Details Motion Control Products

The 2010 ABB Drives and Motors catalogue includes features to help developers quickly select the right motor and drive for a specific application. The Product Quickfinder table is said to enable designers to produce a shortlist of drives and motors from the large number of products in the ABB range. The Featurefinder helps to specify the exact product with the features that fit a specific application. For further advice, there is a page of contact details of all the ABB Drives Alliance and ABB Motor Service partners.

The main data tables for the drives and motors include prices for each product, aiding costing of a drives or motor application project. Products featured in the catalogue include an ABB standard drive for pump and fan applications. Rated up to 22kW, it features pump control functions such as pipe cleaning, pipe fill and PID control. The ABB general machinery drive now meets the new Machinery Directive and includes a SIL 3 rated Safe Torque-Off facility.

Other products include an ABB industrial drive module especially designed for system integrators and rated up to 400kW. The drives can be configured to meet the precise needs of industrial applications through a wide range of options. An ABB industrial drive designed specifically to meet the needs of water and wastewater applications has also been launched. Available up to 400kW, it can handle both single and multi-pump applications. Energy monitoring is now built-in as standard, with drive displays showing how much energy, CO2 and money the drive is saving, compared to a direct on-line application.

The catalogue also details the ABB motor-drive combinations, allowing motors and drives to be matched to suit any demanding process. Several ABB drives are Atex certified for use with an ABB motor for hazardous areas. With information on services for drives and motor support, software for drive commissioning and maintenance and many other tasks and remote monitoring options, the 2010 ABB Drives and Motors catalogue is a complete guide to ABB motion control products.


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