A2 Launches Exoscan FTIR Teaching Programme

A2 Technologies is offering a programme to enable researchers and teachers in colleges and universities to access the potential of the Exoscan Fourier transform spectroscopy (FTIR) technology. For a limited time, academic personnel that order an Exoscan system will have a choice of a second sampling interface, the Exoscan docking station or the Panorama Pro data analysis software, at no additional cost.

Exoscan, with its docking station, is a fully capable bench-top laboratory system that transforms into a handheld, battery-operated system for field-based applications. With availability of ATR-, diffuse-, specular- and grazing-angle reflectance sampling interfaces, Exoscan measures a range of samples and is suitable for gathering infrared spectral data in the field and/or analysing samples in the laboratory. With its range of sampling options, it functions as a teaching system that enables students to understand a range of FTIR applications.

Panorama Pro give the user access to a range of spectroscopic data analysis capabilities. Current academic users are employing Exoscan in various research and teaching activities, including geoscience, such as soil and rock composition analysis; art and historical object conservation; engineering applications, such as the weathering of construction materials; the analysis of polymer and paint coatings; surface analysis as related to material performance; and the general analysis of solid and liquid samples.


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