Varley Expands Its Largest Range Of Pumps

Varley Pumps, a division of the Hayward Tyler Group, has upgraded the largest pump in its range of standard double helical gear pumps. Varley offers a range of standard pumps from size 1 to size 225. As part of the upgrade, Varley has expanded its largest range to five pumps (125, 150, 175, 200 and 225). These are fully metric designs, with new seals and bearings to allow operation up to 15 bar.

The latest shipment from this range was two motorised units for fuel oil transfer. The motor specification was 18.5kW 3 Phase safe area. The duty was 900 litres a minute (200 gallons a minute) at 7 bar (100psi). The pumps can be supplied Atex certified and can be custom-painted to specification.

Varley Pumps manufactures: double helical gear pumps for oil transfer, processing and forced lubrication applications; and positive displacement pumps, which can be designed and manufactured in accordance with API676. The range also includes bespoke pump systems and twin set pump units.


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