Micromech Releases Ethernet-Based Servo Drives

Micromech's Advanced Kollmorgen Drive (AKD) Ethernet-based servo drives integrate quickly and easily into any application. AKD ensures plug-and-play commissioning for instant, seamless access to everything in a machine. AKD offers excellent servo performance, communication options and power levels, all in a much smaller footprint.

The AKD utilises the Kollmorgen Workbench GUI, which has digital-signal processor control, real-time performance feedback and adjusts for changing load conditions. The AKD features Ethernet-motion buses Ethercat, Synqnet, Modbus/TCP and Canopen. It also includes Smart Feedback Devices (SFD), EnDat2.2, 01, BiSS, analogue sine/cos encoder, incremental encoder, Hiperface and resolver. The drives have loop updates of torque 0.67us, velocity of 62.5us and position of 125us.

The I/O is connected by screw terminals. This robust, advanced technological range of drives delivers optimised performance when paired with Kollmorgen best-in-class components, producing higher-quality results at greater speeds and more uptime. Kollmorgen servo components can provide a 50 per cent increase in a machine's overall effectiveness.


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