Nexus Releases Serial Development Kits

Nexus has released a range of serial development kits that provide all the necessary tools to build a simulated portable data system and test its features and benefits. The basic development kit covers the majority of Nexus's range, while a specialist kit covers its NFX-managed memory tokens, which act as USB-style portable data-carrier devices without the drawbacks of a consumer-style memory product.

The kit enables Visual C++ or Visual Basic programmers to learn to integrate memory keys or tokens, reducing research-and-development times and costs. The NFX version of the development kit supports the latest release of the NFX range of tokens and includes a sample application that illustrates how to use each of the example commands. Also new is a command line utility that enables the simplified testing and configuration of the NFX tokens' OEM and security features.

Both kits operate with any Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP PC and guide the user through a simple programming process for a variety of basic commands. Each development kit includes a panel mount and a board mount or receptacle, a key or token memory device, an RS-232 or USB connecting cable, PC demo software, sample source code and a programmer reference manual. The NFX version of the development kit contains two tokens and two receptacles.

Michael Barrett, Nexus's operations director, said: 'The NFX Managed-Memory line of portable memory tokens was designed with OEMs [original equipment manufacturers] in mind. 'Long-term availability, a stable command set, USB or SPI interfaces, ultra-rugged and reliable operation, special OEM and security features, custom logo options - these are all qualities that OEMs require in a portable data carrier,' he added. Both development kits provide documentation on how to develop applications for embedded and PC platforms.

As the NFX has both SPI and USB options, it can interface with an embedded microprocessor through its SPI bus and/or with a PC or embedded computer through its USB bus. This provides an effective form of data transport in applications or environments where networking is impractical or impossible. Nexus is the UK partner of portable data token manufacturer Datakey Electronics.


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