Beko To Exhibit Products At Air-Tech 2010

Beko Technologies will showcase a range of products at the Air-Tech 2010 exhibition, which is scheduled to be held at the NEC in Birmingham on 8-10 June. The company, which will be found in Hall 3, Stand A3217, will exhibit the Bekokat and the Metpoint live demonstration unit, flowmeters and dewpoint meters. Bekokat provides oil-free air regardless of the compressor type or ambient conditions.

Metpoint is able to verify the resulting air oil content right down to ISO class-zero quality and gives a clear and constant indication of which class is being achieved. The combination of these two products is intended to give air users with critical applications peace of mind thanks to a built-in alarm contact. Flowmeters and dewpoint meters enable customers to find out the quality and consumption of their compressed air.

Leak Detector, which will also be exhibited at the event, is claimed to offer a simple, low-cost way of reducing air loss in compressed-air systems. The company can show how leak surveys fit hand in hand with flow monitoring for energy efficiency. Beko also plans to showcase oil and water separators. The Owamat condensate treatment system can deal with demanding applications such as synthetic oils. Bekomat condensate drains, refrigeration dryers and membrane dryers will also all be on display at Air-Tech.


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