Emka Cam Adapter Cuts Online Production Costs

Emka has introduced a three-point cam adapter that converts a low-cost single-point cam into a cam for a three-point locking system, reducing online production costs. This gives enclosure manufacturers a reduced stock requirement for varying cabinet-door sizes, typically leading to a 40 per cent reduction in stock costs on this component type.

OEM/specialist cabinet producers up to now have needed to stock both single and three-point cams, but now only stock the popular and low-cost single-point item with a small quantity of adapters. The 1000 cam adapter is a precision zinc die component suitable for the complete range of Emka 1000 quarter-turn locks where the standard single-point cam is appropriate.

Fixing is a single-bolt operation and may be carried out in cabinet manufacture, at installation, or as a retro-fit, by removing the cam fixing bolt and refitting, then installing the rod system to the door, thus providing two more closure points for improved sealing and security on longer doors.


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