Stahl Automation Equipment For Defence Company

Stahl has been chosen as the preferred supplier of automation equipment for Wallop Defence Systems. Wallop Defence Systems, a division of Esterline Technologies, is engaged in the research, development and production of a range of advanced pyrotechnic devices for use in the land-based, maritime and airborne applications of armed forces across the world.

As part of the project, Stahl will supply EX d monitors, Open HMI PCs and 24 compact colour cameras. The company will also supply a selection of cables and terminal boxes. The Stahl EC-710-090 Ex camera has a diameter of 55mm and weighs just 435g. The IP68-rated camera is chemical, shock and vibration resistant.

The Open HMI, meanwhile, is used in a range of applications; with no fan or rotating parts, the panel PC can be installed in hazardous areas worldwide and connected directly to the EC-710-090 where necessary. Project requirements included that all products needed to be ATEX certified for both gas and dust environments. Where possible, Wallop Defence Systems plans to use Stahl electrical components for all future installations or refurbishments. Future plans could mean further orders for monitors, plugs and sockets and lighting equipment.


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