Flexicon Conduit Protects Cabling At Bus Workshop

A flexible conduit from Flexicon is protecting 2km of data cabling for an oil management system at a new 'green' bus workshop for Transport for London. The workshop has 22 service pits and a maintenance capacity for 350 buses at a time. The facility needs to be fully operational with minimal downtime to meet demand. Oilpro installed its oil management system to manage fluid dispensing from bulk tanks to each dispensing point in a service pit.

It delivers specified quantities of oil or fluid to dispensing points while keeping accurate records of all transactions. The system effectively acts as a loss control system. When an authorised operator requires oil or lubricant, they enter their code into a keypad before requesting what and how much lubricant they need. The Oilpro system shuts oil flow on and off by opening and closing solenoid valves installed at the dispensing bay. Data cabling runs from each dispensing bay to a central control system. These cables are vital for the system to operate and need protecting.

In addition, the cables need containing for aesthetic and health-and-safety reasons. Oilpro specified Flexicon's FPAS system, which is flexible and has a high impact strength. It is also resistant to abrasion and to solvents and oils. Used with FPA fittings and cable glands, the flexible conduit system has an IP66 rating. It is also a low-fire-hazard product. Bruce Coetze, managing director of Oilpro, said: 'Our system was specified to reduce oil and lubricant waste, both from a cost perspective but also for environmental reasons.

'Data is at the heart of the management system so the cable protection is vital - we have to ensure that downtime in this busy workshop is minimised. 'We had to meet an extremely tight deadline, so that the depot could open and become operational. 'We needed a non-metallic flexible conduit system that was easy and fast to install. 'It also had to offer high levels of protection to the cabling from a number of hazards. 'Flexicon's FPAS system met these needs,' he added.


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