Emerson Wins Design Award For Its DeltaV S-Series

Emerson has received a product design award from IF International Forum Design, based in Hanover, Germany, for its DeltaV digital automation system S-series hardware. The award was presented by the IF International Forum Design on 2 March in Hanover, as part of Cebit, a digital IT and telecommunications solutions trade fair.

The evaluation criteria for the IF product design award included design quality, workmanship, the choice of materials, the degree of innovation, environmental friendliness, functionality, ergonomics, the visualisation of use, safety, brand value, branding and universal design. Peter Zornio, chief strategic officer at Emerson, said: 'We worked with M3 Design to tap their considerable experience and expertise in human-focused product development to overcome the issues with the current generation of automation hardware.

'Together we have significantly improved our DeltaV hardware design to eliminate steps and reduce project complexity and make it easier to install, use and maintain,' he added. 'We worked with the Emerson team to take a human-centred design approach, focused on usability,' said Paul Noble-Campbell, director of industrial design at M3 Design, based in Austin, Texas. The M3 Design effort included packaging for the new Charms (Characterisation Modules) that make up the electronic marshalling technology in the new S-series hardware, the Charm input/output (I/O) card and the I/O card carrier.

The packaging included a design to efficiently remove heat from the electronics and at the same time exclude unwanted items such as termination screws. The text of the award reads: 'These systems ensure the safe and efficient operation of production processes, creating large savings in the consumption of energy and other precious resources. 'All touch points and status indicators were designed to ensure that the products are intuitive and easy to service. 'The new design language showcases the functional improvements in communicating the attributes of reliability, simplicity and ease of use,' according to the text.


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