ZWCAD 2010 Available In 15 Multilingual Versions

ZWCAD has released 15 multilingual versions of ZWCAD 2010 (Portuguese version). These include Chinese (simplified and traditional), Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. Key ZWCAD 2010 Portuguese features include: program application (console and settings), installation interfaces, drop-down menu, toolbar, command prompt and CD menu.

ZWCAD 2010 can be experienced in DWG format, with support for Windows XP, 2003, Vista and more, as well as seamless integration with Windows 7 to strengthen and enhance communication with Windows operating systems. New and improved features such as Memory Optimization provide greater speed and stability, while advanced management features and powerful application programming interfaces will make work experience more efficient and streamlined.

ZWCAD is running a design contest for CAD users to design something that may become a reality in 2015. The deadline will be 25 April 2010. Prizes will include an Ipod Touch, Ipod Nano and ZWCAD 2010 licences.


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