Kurt Vise Incorporates Rigid Stationary Jaw

Kurt's new HDM690 vise, with a full 9in (175mm) jaw opening, clamps larger parts with repeatable 0.001in (0.03mm) accuracy and minimal stationary jaw deflection. The vise features a rigid stationary jaw with top-down bolting, a tall-body design to reduce deflection, high-precision roller bearings and a hardened vise screw mechanism. This vise distributes clamping force evenly and precisely across the full jaw surface. The Anglock spherical segment in the moveable jaw reduces jaw lift.

The pull-type body design reduces stress in the 80,000lb/in2 ductile iron body, resulting in more accurate clamping. Kurt's new automated workholding fixtures load and unload parts with a robot arm. These fixtures have pre-load features that centre and clamp parts securely. Pressure and proximity sensors communicate wirelessly with the robot and the machining centre. Workholding setups can be designed for 24/7 operation so as not to require operator interaction with the system. The company has capabilities for designing and building automated cells that include assembly and gauging functions to form a complete system.

Another new Kurt workholding option for improving productivity and precision is the Leader Multichuck MMY product line. This system consists of two- and three-jaw manual self-centring static workholding modules in four sizes ranging from 80mm to 150mm. They are suitable for use on machining centres, milling machines and grinders. The chucks integrate with Kurt's high-density workholding towers and other devices for high-precision workholding. The MMY Multichuck provides a top-face operation that enables more chucks, and therefore more workpieces, to be grouped closely together; this is not possible with traditional side-face lock/unlock systems.

It has the ability to clamp onto both the OD and the ID. Kurt claims that its new lighter-weight building-block modules add high density and versatility to most horizontal machining centres. They are said to be more than 30 per cent lighter than comparable-size tombstones with aluminium sub-plates. The modules feature bolt holes and dowel patterns on each face for the installation and removal of sub-plates and other workholding components with a repeatability of 0.0002in (0.005mm). They are manufactured from 80,000lb/in2 of ductile iron and provide a lower-cost alternative to dedicated fixtures.

Visitors to IMTS, which is due to take place on 13-18 September in Chicago, will be able to discuss new and existing projects that require improved throughput and reduced costs with Kurt's workholding specialists. The company, which will be found on Booth W-2423, can custom engineer a setup for virtually any need. Its product portfolio includes multiple-station CNC vises, five-axis vises, rotary-table workholding for VMCs and a line of tombstones for achieving high-density workholding, along with accessories to complement every workholding setup.

Kurt distributes NEMI vacuum workholding products, which are available for many existing OEM products. Alternatively, they can be designed to fit various vacuum workholding needs. The company also provides a range of automated and manual gauging systems and is a Fanuc integrator for automation.


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