Valve Retracting Tool Increases Operator Safety

PCL's new retracting tool can help operators eliminate the risk of injury from 'flying valve cores'. Removing a valve core during inflation is common practice within the commercial vehicle industry as it enables faster tyre inflation. However, this practice is dangerous; accidents that occur while removing valves from tyres are common and, therefore, this process is not normally recommended.

The Valve Core Retracting Tool from PCL is designed for the safe installation and removal of tyre valve cores during inflation. The tool offers the dual benefit of increased safety and reduced inflation/deflation time. The Valve Core Retracting Tool should be used in conjunction with a safe and reliable tyre inflator, such as the accurate MK3; the rapid, digital Accura 1; or the fast and simple Airforce dial unit.

Available with a Euro clip-on or sliding clip-on tyre valve connection, with an integral tailpiece, the Valve Core Retracting Tool features a clear body, allowing the operator to see when the valve core is fully retracted.


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