E2S Offers High-Output Alarm With 750m Range

The new A141 high-output disaster siren and alarm from European Safety Systems (E2S) delivers an output of more than 140dB at 1m, which is louder than a jet engine on full power at take-off. With a power increase from 100W to 400W, the output of the A141 is higher than the A140 it replaces, giving it an effective warning range of between 500m and 750m, depending on the atmospheric conditions. The unit has a choice of 32 user-selectable warning tones and, with a second- and third-stage alarm capability, it is suitable for use in quarries, on large industrial and petrochemical sites and for civil defence requirements.

The A141 generates multiple alarm tones, including fire, security, civil defence, alert, COMAH (SEVESO II) toxic-gas alarms and disaster warnings for flood, tsunami, tornado and other severe bad-weather conditions. The A141 is powered from either 24VDC or 115/230VAC. The mains-powered versions can be fitted with battery backup to enable the unit to operate for up to 30 minutes without mains power; AC power and battery voltage can be remotely monitored for potential faults.

A radio-control capability, utilising secure telemetry for additional security, is available to enable wire-free installation on large sites. Both the AC and DC versions feature low start-up inrush currents and low-operating-current draws. They are lightweight, require no maintenance and offer the reliability, low energy consumption and long life associated with solid-state devices, according to the company.


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