Mate Introduces Fully Indexable Multi Tool

Mate has introduced the patent-pending Ultra IMT fully indexable multi tool, which is designed to enable users to improve productivity from thick-turret punch presses. Unlike standard multi tools, which only have one angle setting, fully indexable multi tools can achieve any angle setting on the workpiece. Mate offers two versions of the Ultra IMT fully indexable multi tool. The first, called 3-Station, uses standard Ultra 1.1/4in B-Station punches and strippers and thick-turret B-Station dies.

It can punch up to 6mm material with a maximum tonnage of 16tonf (142kN). The second version, 8-Station, uses standard Ultra 1/2in A-Station punches and strippers and thick-turret A-Station dies. This version can punch up to 6mm material with a maximum tonnage of 7tonf (62kN). The Ultra IMT is claimed to be easy to use; assembly and disassembly is simple. No tools are required for punch, striker and stripper retention/removal. The Ultra IMT is designed to use Mate's Ultra punches, strippers and Slug Free dies, eliminating the need for specialised tooling inventory.

The company claims that Ultra punches provide exceptional life between regrinds. Ultra strippers have recess for added 0.118in (3.00mm) punch grind life, while the Slug Free dies eliminate slug pulling and increase piece part quality. The Ultra IMT features a drop-in, quick-tool-change design that allows for fast tool changes, reducing machine downtime while increasing productivity. Its integral punch length adjustment feature is intended to ensure good punching performance and efficient slug discharge across a wide material range.

Identifying the active station is said to be simple because the Ultra IMT has a clear 'Zero Mark' that indicates the start/home position and a station identification window. The Ultra IMT's ergonomic design helps the user to wrap his or her hands around the holder. The user can also utilise a T-Handle to assist in lifting the holder. With its variable stripping force options for heavy-duty and light-duty applications, the user can adjust the Ultra IMT's downward force to reduce sheet marking in thin materials or aluminium.

The Ultra IMT holder is designed so that each tool is individually activated. This means that inactive punches are prevented from moving, protecting part surfaces from unwanted marks. The Ultra IMT is fully ported for lubrication, which is delivered via the punch ram through the central shaft over all moving surfaces within the punch-holder assembly. External spiral grooves in the outside diameter of the holder reduce friction between the machine and the holder, especially during high-speed nibbling operations.


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