High-Endurance Electrodes For Precise Titration

Metrohm has announced that the increasing use of its Unitrode and Aquatrode Plus in pH measurement shows that the fixed ground joint is being recognised as the universal diaphragm type. According to the company, it is largely insensitive to contaminants and requires minimal maintenance. The fixed ground-joint diaphragm is suitable for a range of samples, from clear, ion-deficient solutions up to highly concentrated suspensions or emulsions.

Metrohm said that its greatest strength is its precision. The fixed ground-joint diaphragm allows low-noise potential measurements that are only dependent on the ionic strength and stirring speed to a minimal extent, meeting the requirements for a rapid and precise titration.

In order to utilise the advantages of the fixed ground-joint diaphragm to the full extent in titrations, a new type of membrane glass has also been developed for the Ecotrode Plus, which, in addition to a short response time, exhibits high endurance.


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