Yamaichi Adds Tray To Six-Pin SIM Card Reader

Yamaichi Electronics has brought out the FMS006-7000-0, a super low-profile SIM card reader equipped with a tray. This six-pin reader is suitable for applications requiring a frequent change of the SIM card or easy access to the card without opening the enclosure. The SIM card is placed in the tray and then inserted with the tray into the card reader. Thus the SIM card is completely protected by the card-reader housing.

The tray's stop function can only be extracted to a defined distance in order to allow the comfortable placing and withdrawal of the card. The tray can also be completely removed from the reader through additional pulling force. The insulation body of the card reader is made out of LCP; the metal cover and the additional reinforcements are out of SUS. This gives the body stability and ensures its coplanarity. The reader also features gold-plated two-point contacts, which ensure uninterrupted contact reliance during vibrations and shocks.

As the card reader has a super low-profile of only 1.61mm, it is perfectly suited for applications with reduced design space. The assembly is carried out on the bottom side of the PCB by means of SMT soldering (reversed type). The SIM card reader is supplied on tape and reel and the trays for fully automated pick-and-place assembly. Yamaichi Electronics also offers a range of card connectors for all available Flash card and SIM-card standards, for example MicroSD, MiniSD, MMCmicro, Compactflash and xD Card. Several multicard versions are also available.


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