Ismithers Releases Literature On Syntactic Foams

Ismithers Rapra Publishing has released the latest title in the Update series, entitled 'Update on Syntactic Foams'. Syntactic foams are claimed to have excellent properties, such as low density, high specific strength, low moisture absorption, a low thermal coefficient of expansion and, in some cases, radar or sonar transparency for use in stealth technology. They can be tailored to feature the necessary properties for a specific product.

Syntactic foams can be used for marine applications, aerospace applications, ground vehicles and sports applications (such as snow skis and soccer balls). According to the company, they can be used for anything that requires a high-strength material. 'Update on Syntactic Foams' is targeted at those who produce polymer products that need very high strength because of the adverse conditions that they are used in, as well as manufacturers of raw materials used in these products.

This Update gives the reader an insight into the properties, manufacture and uses of syntactic foams, such as: the basics of syntactic foams, including the types of micro-balloons used, foam structure, methods of synthesis and the properties; syntactic foams based on different types of resin systems, such as epoxy, phenolics, cyanate ester and so on; recent developments in the field, such as fibre reinforcement, nanoclay reinforcement, the functionally grading of foams, rubberisation, syntactic-foam core sandwich composites and cement-based syntactic foams; and the applications of syntactic foams.


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