Eaton Plans Display For Electrical Trade Show

Northern Ireland's Electrical Trade Show 2010 will feature Memera consumer units, Memshield 3 final-distribution products, Glasgow switch- and fuse-gear and XEnergy modular-distribution switchboards. Also on show will be the Xcomfort range of wireless residential building automation products, which give users full control over their installation and energy consumption, as well as the Powerware series of UPS equipment, which provides power and back-up solutions from an individual PC into large, three-phase data centres.

The new wireless metering module for Memera consumer units will make its debut at the show. Pre-fitted and housed entirely within the body of the consumer unit, this transmitter module has a separate wireless display unit that can be mounted anywhere in the user's premises. This makes it easy to keep a close eye on energy consumption and has the advantage of being mains powered, so does not require batteries. Also featured on the Eaton stand will be the Memshield 3 final distribution products with integrated metering, together with separate metering boxes for use with Memshield 3 in retrofit applications and in applications where parameters such as voltage and current need to be monitored.

These are complemented by Memshield 3 high-load boards that, in many applications, can eliminate the need to use larger and more costly MCCB distribution boards. Visitors to the stand will be able to see how Eaton's Glasgow switchgear and fusegear products can be enhanced with the addition of convenient Meterpacks that require no setting up or additional electrical connections. They can also find out about XEnergy distribution switchboards, which not only have a full range of metering options, but can also be configured rapidly and cost-effectively to produce fault-rated assemblies for almost any application.

The Xcomfort system is suitable for residential and commercial applications and is designed for ease of installation. It offers centralised wire-free control for all of a building's electrical equipment to provide comfort, safety and security and to help save energy. The system's use of wireless technology means that input devices such as switches can be fitted without the need for wiring, thereby eliminating the need to channel walls and greatly simplifying installation.

Throughout the exhibition, experts from Eaton will provide visitors with advice and guidance on selecting solutions for their own specific applications, with the emphasis on combining energy efficiency with versatility, durability and value for money.


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