McCambridge Selects PIAB Pumps For Pie Processing

Thorite has supplied three PIAB vacuum pumps to McCambridge Foods, a Blackburn-based mince-pie manufacturer. A bumper pre-Christmas production run put a noticeable strain on the company's existing pumps, with a reduction in vacuum, resulting in batches of pastry casings being pulled out of place or damaged. McCambridge invited Thorite to explain what products it could offer.

Thorite recommended installing PIAB's P6010 Coax Technology pumps to achieve the triple benefits of a more powerful vacuum, a better 'hold' of the pie casings during production and improved quality control. Speaking after the pumps' successful installation and commissioning, Clive Halliday said: 'The PIAB P6010 provides up to 40 per cent more flow than conventional vacuum pumps, while still reducing overall energy consumption.

'The durable, maintenance-free design makes it suited for automated material handling, characterised by powerful, non heat-generating suction at extremely low feed pressures. 'Additionally, the pump's compact size makes it possible to mount closer to the point of suction, thus reducing compressed-air requirements and saving energy,' said Halliday.


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