RF Transceiver Features 135dBm Link Budget

The SX1231 from Semtech, available from APC Hero, is a programmable radio-frequency (RF) transceiver with good sensitivity. The transceiver - the latest in the company's low-power transceiver platform - provides a cost-effective solution for wireless applications using the industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) frequency band. The SX1231 transceiver features a 135dBm link budget.

The part reduces the system operations cost through its low 16mA receive current and 33mA transmit current, delivering a longer battery life. The integrated transceiver uses Semtech's TrueRF technology to integrate SAW filter functionality; the device also integrates a VCO tank, a PLL loop filter and an RF switch to minimise external components. The frequency range of the SX1231 is 290MHz to 1,020MHz, which includes the 433MHz, 868MHz and 915MHz licence-free ISM frequency bands.

The device features an integrated packet engine that offloads RF packetisation from a microcontroller, freeing up this resource or allowing a designer to choose a lower-cost or lower-power alternative. The packet engine provides CRC error checking, AES-128 encryption and a 66-byte FIFO. The output power of the SX1231 is programmable in 1dB steps from -18dBm to +17dBm. The transceiver can be programmed between narrow-band and wide-band communications modes without the need to modify external components.

It operates with GFSK, MSK, FSK, OOK and ASK modulation types up to 300kbps with constant RF performance over the 1.8-3.7V power-supply range. The transceiver also features immunity to out-of-band interferers with 80dB of blocking immunity and a self-adaptive IIP3 from -18dBm to 8dBm and +35dBm IIP2 response.


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