Amplicon Offers Ethernet Extender Units

Ethernet extenders use DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) to extend Ethernet links up to 10km over a single pair of low-grade copper wires. The units operate transparently as part of an existing network, without requiring driver installation or complex setup procedures. All 'IP' traffic that could be sent across a standard patch cable can be sent across an Ethernet Extender link.

The potential to save money using Ethernet Extenders becomes apparent when they are used instead of a fibre-optic link or a wireless bridge. An old pair of telephone wires or defunct RS485 cabling from a security camera can suddenly become a precious commodity on a site that requires long-range Ethernet connections. Even in simple applications where a run of Cat5 cable exceeds the 100m distance limit for Ethernet, Ethernet Extenders can be deployed to save the cost of signal repeaters, power supplies and associated housings for the equipment.

One of the main early adopters of this technology was the building-controls sector. BMS system controllers were traditionally connected together using RS485 cabling to provide slow but reliable site-wide communication. With the transition to Ethernet-based controllers and general convergence on IP-based systems in industry, many system integrators found themselves having to re-install a communication network based on CAT5(E) cabling to support high-speed Ethernet links. By using Ethernet Extenders, existing RS485 cables can be used.


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