Videos Provide Details Of Weld-Purging Products

Weldwide Solutions has announced that customers and fabricators interested and involved in weld purging can now watch information videos for these products online. In the videos, which last between two and five minutes, Darren Sewell, managing director of the company, introduces products such as inflatable tandem purge dams, single purge dams, the Weld Gas Analyser and the patented Quick Purge technology.

Each video explains the areas of use for the products and how they work and perform to save money and time for stainless-steel and titanium fabricators. The use of purge products can improve weld quality, increase production rates and reduce welding costs.

The videos are intended to help customers and pipe fabricators to understand weld-purging products and to inform them about the ways in which the use of products - such as inflatable purge dams and oxygen meters such as the Weld Gas Analyser - can help companies to reduce costs and their carbon footprints while achieving high-quality welds and uniform weld profiles.


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