GE Runs Access Oil And Gas: Integrity Forum

GE Sensing and Inspection Technologies is running the Access Oil and Gas: Integrity Forum, an online event featuring virtual demonstrations of inspection, measurement and sensing products. It goes live on 30 March and will remain an accessible environment until 30 June. Demonstrations will include remote visual-inspection systems, digital radiography equipment and eddy current and ultrasonic inspection equipment, as well as examples of GE's latest developments in flowmetering, gas and moisture detection, pressure sensing and instrument calibration and communication.

For example, GE will present the Rightrax remote corrosion monitoring system. In addition, industry experts from GE Sensing and Inspection Technologies will be on hand throughout the virtual environment to chat with attendees and answer questions about oil-and-gas technologies, products or applications. The forum will provide an opportunity for oil-and-gas professionals to: chat live with peers, listen to industry leaders and learn about industry trends and new product offerings.

It will also give journalists an opportunity to see some of the latest technologies for the oil and gas sector and interface with users and manufacturers.


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