BX-895 Gives Access To Real-Time Particulate Data

Enviro Technology has introduced a bolt-on accessory for the BAM-1020 that allows air-quality monitoring specialists to access real-time particulate data. The BX-895 Real Time Module, created by Met One Instruments, complements standard hourly readings with one, five, ten, 15 or 30-minute averages. This functionality is useful when correlating changing wind conditions to particulate events or when early predictions of hourly concentration data from the BAM-1020 are needed.

A self-contained low-maintenance system, the BX-895 can be configured to work with PM10 and PM2.5 monitors. Compatible with all models, it can be mounted to the BAM-1020 inlet within minutes and it can also be used separately with any analogue data logger. The BX-895 conditions air samples for RH then passes them through a forward light-scatter laser nephelometer engine where the particulate mass is measured.

A purge system protects the optics from excessive exposure to dust particles. The mass signal is continuously scaled to an analogue voltage output, which represents the real-time particulate concentration.


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