A Strategic Approach To Wireless Implementation

When it comes to carpentry, Apprion recommends a strategic approach that includes measuring the wireless spectrum and mapping out the wireless applications before building. According to the company, many of us have experienced first hand the importance of measuring before building. However, when it comes to implementing wireless applications at a plant, it is important to measure before building to avoid making costly mistakes.

A strategic approach to wireless implementation saves time and money and enables a scalable wireless infrastructure for future applications and system implementations. To best achieve the benefits of industrial wireless applications, Apprion can conduct a wireless site profile and plan to cost-effectively deploy wireless at a plant. Industrial facilities implementing wireless should list the applications that will be implemented immediately and consider all applications they could possibly want in the near and distant future.

This application list will be the outline of the wireless site plan. Industrial facilities should also consider all standards and protocols that need to be addressed to implement the applications listed in the first step, as well as considering the wireless spectrum. Many facilities do not manage their wireless spectrum appropriately and there will be a limited supply of wireless airwaves in the future.

A strategic wireless site plan will enable plants to manage and plan for their wireless spectrum accordingly. Next, they should profile and analyse their plant's current infrastructure and existing technology before implementing new systems. The facilities need to research the various wireless vendors and technologies that are most suitable. Each facility will most likely require multiple vendor technologies to achieve its application goals.

A site should not be limited to one vendor with closed, proprietary technology. Finally, industrial facilities implementing wireless should work with an experienced, trusted wireless advisor to execute the above steps. A solid wireless strategy for a facility should be created with 'a wireless site plan' and a wireless spectrum analysis needs to be performed prior to implementing wireless networks and adding wireless applications. A plan should be put in place for the ongoing management of a wireless spectrum and airwaves and wireless tests need to be performed within a plant's processes and operations.


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