Powerburst Type PC5 Provides Extended Power

Tecate Industries has brought out the Type PC5 ultracapacitor, under a licence agreement with Maxwell Technologies. Tecate's Powerburst Type PC5 RoHS-compliant ultracapacitor provides extended power availability during dips, sags and outages in the main power sources, as well as to relieve batteries of burst-power functions. The part's flat prismatic cell-design incorporates stainless steel, hermetically sealed cells.

Due to this unique construction, it boasts an extremely low profile (5.1mm maximum), making it an excellent choice for space-constrained applications. The low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) PC5 ultracapacitor can accept charges at the identical rate of discharge and features accessible terminals and an electrostatic storage capability to facilitate more than 500,000 duty cycles and a 10-year life capability.

Tecate's Powerburst Type PC5 ultracapacitor is commonly specified for employment in a broad range of applications, including providing, holding up, or bridging power until the back-up power source 'kicks in' when the primary power source fails. Its back-up power capabilities make it suited for soft shutdown, 'last gasp' notification, battery swaps and memory retention. In addition, the PC5 is used in tandem with batteries or other power sources where batteries alone do not meet performance objectives.

The small form-factor part is appropriate in military and consumer electronics, wireless transmission, medical devices, automatic meter readers (AMRs), solid-state drives (SSDs), smart grids, RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) controllers, handheld GPS devices and remote sensors. Its utilisation often enables designers to downsize the primary system batteries. The radial-leaded ultracapacitor has a 14 x 23.6 x 4.8mm footprint and very low 5.1mm profile. Standard parts feature a voltage of 2.5V DC, capacitance of 4.0F, and an extended temperature range of -40C to +70C. Capacitance tolerance is +/- 20 per cent.


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