AS8510 Front-End IC Provides 'Highest Accuracy'

Austriamicrosystems has introduced the AS8510, a high precision data-acquisition front-end IC. It is suitable for automotive battery current, voltage, temperature sense applications and sensor-interface applications where precise measurement of small signals close to ground is required. The flexible-sensor interface IC features a 16-bit dual-channel ADC + PGA architecture, with less than one LSB of offset and noise. The AS8510 allows systems to be tailored to individual needs, making it suited to a wide range of present and future battery-management applications.

The AS8510 in combination with Austriamicrosystems' 'System Basis Chip' and a micro controller provides an entire battery-sensor semiconductor solution for both High-Side or Low-Side. The AS8510 data-acquisition front-end IC features two independent analogue input channels with 16-bit ADCs, each with individually programmable sampling rates. Each channel has a low-drift programmable gain amplifier for handling +/-160mV signals or 0 to 1V when by-passing PGA.

A highly linear sigma-delta architecture and wide range of sampling rates allow the AS8510 to provide flexible support of EV (electric vehicle) applications. The offset auto-zero feature (both channels) allows high-accuracy measurements with low value shunt resistance, with negligible insertion loss. Various operating modes include low-power standby with current monitoring for active wake-up. The AS8510 operates with the current shunt sensor in a 12V system, either at a battery's ground terminal or at the plus terminal in conjunction with dedicated level shift companion IC; or it can be used as a general-purpose sensor interface for precise measurement of signals close to ground.

Fully differential inputs allow the AS8510 to capture differential signals with 300mV of common mode above ground and 160mV below ground. The two-channel architecture enables digital error correction techniques such as 'delta by sigma' division or capture of bridge current / voltages, with subsequent error correction in an external microcontroller. In addition, the AS8510 draws just 40uA in standby mode. The AS8510 high-precision data-acquisition device can be configured for differential simultaneous two-channel operation, or for multiplexing two single-ended channels, in addition to one of the differential channels for sequential measurements.

As well as measuring voltage and current, the AS8510 allows accurate temperature measurement from either the internal sensor or from an external temperature sensor, which may be powered by an on-chip 250uA current source. The AS8510 includes an internal precision reference, integrated digital low-pass filters, on-chip precision oscillators and a four-wire SPI interface. The AS8510 is available in a SSOP20 package, operates from 3.3V, and has an ambient operating temperature range of -40C to +125C. Samples and prices are available on request.


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