Lantronix Device Servers Offer Secure Transmission

Lantronix has announced the availability of the EDS1100 and EDS2100 device servers, designed to increase the level of transmission security for patient records, financial and customer information. Available with Linux and IPv6, the EDS1100/2100 provides simple-to-configure, enterprise-level protection of electronic data using security protocols such as Secure Shell and Secure Sockets Layer.

With the aid of a simple configuration interface, the EDS1100/2100 permits users to quickly and securely network remote equipment. In addition, the EDS1100/2100 includes Lantronix's VIP AccessO, which enables highly secure remote access and management of equipment behind firewalls. In addition to Linux, Lantronix's device servers are available with the company's Evolution OSO operating system. The company's management tools allow for easy configuration and monitoring, e-mail and RSS notifications for instant visibility of device activity.


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