Powtech To Feature Particle-Size Analysis Standard

Whitehouse Scientific will exhibit its opaque standards for particle-size analysis at Powtech 2010, to take place 27-29 April in Nurnberg, Germany. Managing director Dr Graham Rideal will present a lecture as part of the World Congress on Particle Technology (WPCT6), a scientific congress that this year will take place alongside Powtech.

He will focus on the latest trends in particle-size standards, from sub-micron multimodal standards to image-analysis standards up to 2mm in size. Whitehouse Scientific's new silver-coated opaque standard covers the size range from 19 to 190 microns.

It has been the subject of a recent round-robin exercise involving examination by leading particle-sizing laboratories and instrument manufacturers. Independent company LGC analysed the new standard within its Quality Audit Scheme. The standard produced the best ever repeatabilites seen by laser-diffraction analysers.


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