Livingston Plans Courses On LTE Deployment

Livingston will host two seminars in May that will examine the issues mobile-service providers face in rolling out 4G across their cellular networks. These events, which have been organised in partnership with leading equipment suppliers EXFO and Rohde and Schwarz, will take place on 18 May at Brooklands Museum of British Motorsport, Weybridge; and 20 May at the Imperial War Museum, Manchester.

Aimed at the engineers, contractors and project managers destined to be directly involved in these mobile-network upgrades, the seminars will look to impart a better understanding of the commercial and technical implications of LTE (long term evolution) deployment. Those attending will gain insight into the nature of the problems likely to be encountered in testing these next-generation networks and will be informed of emerging standards and future technology developments.

Representatives from both EXFO and Rohde and Schwarz will give in-depth presentations on key topics relating to 4G implementation. There will also be hands-on workshops with demonstrations of the best test practices and techniques for determining end-to-end network performance, as well as ample opportunity to converse with experienced test professionals. In addition, attendees will get the chance to tour the fascinating museums in which these events will be held.


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